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Yahoo User Research

by: Richard Hamill

Yahoo User Research offer a very innovative paid survey panel. Their surveys are usually interesting and have a fairly good reward but I have some key issues with certain aspects of them which I am now going to address.

The survey availability is low - VERY LOW. At best you will be lucky to receive one or maybe two surveys per year. When you do receive a survey though you will be very pleased with the reward on offer as it is usually quite high (around $50 usually). The actual surveys are usually long and will take up to maybe an hour of your time but you will generally feel that your time is well spent as the reward on offer is usually high. The surveys usually consist of a variety of tick box questions and a few images\videos which help to prevent the questions from getting repetitive.

I will share a few useful tips with you which may dramatically increase your earnings. The most important thing to remember is that the screening surveys are usually VERY short and to the point but usually occur very close to when the actual survey starts. You should aim to answer these very accurately and in a timely manner to ensure you are invited back for the main survey. Another handy tip to remember is that most of the surveys won't work quite right in FireFox so ensure you use Internet Explorer for them or you may end up being disqualified which would be very annoying.

Overall I feel that Yahoo User Research offer an enjoyable experience but should try to increase the availability of the surveys. I can easily recommend them as their surveys are very satisfying and most importantly rewarding.


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