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We have actually signed up with every major survey company on the market. Of those, we only continue to use SurveyScout, PaidSurveysOnline, and Survey-Platinum to make our own money from paid surveys.

SurveyScout is the winner, though, because their site is top-notch. It is attractive, simple, easy-to-use, and well-laid out. Also, SurveyScout allows payment via Paypal, offers excellent support, and gives great bonuses. You can even mail in your payment! No other survey company offers so many options, such an extensive database, and constant updates.

We have contacted support several times to ask general questions and test their response times. They have always been very quick to respond and answered our questions thoroughly.

Companies listed in their database also offer other bonuses, such as:

  • Phone surveys $ 40 - $120,

  • Preview movie trailers $5-$25/hour,

  • Get paid to try out new products (and keep them)

Update: SurveyScout now offers a Bonus database for:

  • Get Paid to Shop,

  • Get Paid to Eat, and

  • Get Paid to Drive!

    **To Access Surveyscout's paid to shop, eat, and drive database,
    Login, scroll down, and click on the 'Bonus' link

They are currently offering a discount to the $69.95 fee -for a limited time- of $34.95 (one-time)!

With SurveyScout, you can pay by: Credit Card, Paypal, or Check.

With either service, you pay just once and are a member for life!
No monthly fees and no surprises. There is even a full, 90-day money back guarantee.

The reason we do still use PaidSurveysOnline is because they have something that SurveyScout does not --a heading in their database that shows whether or not a survey company accepts US-only, International, and/or Canada applicants.

Many survey companies will only tell you if you qualify AFTER you've signed up with them; so, if you are an International or Canadian user; this will save you a LOT of time. For this reason, we still use both of these services and both are highly recommended.

We recieve surveys daily that offer cash, drawing for prizes, myPoints, gift certificates, etc. It takes us about an hour per day to fill out the surveys we get --using a nifty tool that SurveyScout told us about. It's easy to do and fun, but there are some things you need to know...

First, we highly recommend you join several of the free paid survey or rewarded surveys on our free paid surveys page. These are free to join and are reputable.

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