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SurveySavvy is one of the "old-timers" in the "Paid Surveys" arena. Their parent company, LuthResearch, has been a major player since the 1970's --back when surveys were hand-filled and taken by post mail...

The SurveySavvy brand is the evolution of their marketing research to the online world.

Most rewarded surveys firms place you in a drawing, so it's more about "luck" as to whether or not you make anything for your time. One of SurveySavvy's uniquenesses is that they pay cash for every survey completed, and they have a multi-tiered referral structure. That means that -as long as you continue to be an active survey-taker- you can earn cash for your referrals and even for their referrals and so on!

We have signed up with SurveySavvy, and we note the following about their firm:

1. Professional - able to contact and communicate with (whereas some firms will ignore you)

2. Well Organized - The signup process, referral process, and survey-taking steps are simple

3. Influence / Clientelle - Due to longevity, SS has numerous clients in many countries
*this means that the likelyhood of receiving surveys is increased

After speaking with the Director of Marketing for SurveySavvy, we are also told that they hope to soon be launching surveys targeting languages other than just English. They also have other expansion and growth plans that sound very exciting.

We highly recommend SurveySavvy, and as long as our members are happy with the results; we will continue to back SurveySavvy and help put an end to dishonest or un-caring firms.

Don't forget to sign up your friends and family. One of the beauties of the Survey Savvy program is that it is a 2-tier program. That means you can earn money (usually $2/survey) from surveys that your referrals complete!

Sign up Today -- And remember's FREE to Join! ;)

Note: SurveySavvy is one of the few firms that actually pays cash for every survey completed!
*Of course, you will only qualify to take surveys that fit your demographic profile

SurveySavvy has two programs to join: SurveySavvy and SurveyConnect

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