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There are tons of marketing research firms that have taken their surveys online.

In brief, these marketing research firms make their money from gathering data to help companies make strategic decisions about how to better market their products (or develop new ones).

Some companies do their own data gathering by purchasing survey software on their own.

An example of a university that does their own research is Vanderbilt University. They offer a monthly $250 reward to one lucky winner.

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However, a number of companies cannot or will not spare the expense to do it themselves and can actually save money by paying a third party firm to do it for them. That's where companies like SurveySavvy, ACOP, and others come in.

They leverage their experience and their resources to offer the best deal to companies. The companies pay them for your opinion, and they trickle down that payment to each individual that gives their opinions.

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If you'd like to learn more about the paid survey company that we use daily, check out our review on SurveyScout.

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