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by: Richard Hamill

Once upon a time I fell into the magical world of paid surveys.

It all started at Ipoints, where I noticed a link to I was very intrigued at the prospect of making money from surveys so I decided to investigate. I was very wary at the start as it seemed too good to be true but my fears soon wore off and the fun began. was my first paid survey website. I signed up with the incentive of free Ipoints and have never looked back. At the start everything was very quiet, no survey invitations at all and I was beginning to think "Whats the point?"

Just as I was about to give up, invitations to paid surveys began to float into my Inbox every so often. I began to really enjoy the surveys. I found them interesting,fun and very informative. And of course I had an incentive to carry on. It was all very easy - just a waiting game.

I would receive 2-3 invitations per month and everything was going fine until one day I received a very shocking email from them. It told me that I had won 100 from a recent survey prize draw entry. Up until now I had ignored the fact that each time I completed a survey I was entered into a prize draw but today was the day! I was a bit suspicious about this but who wouldn't be?

I was promised my 100 cheque in the post. It was coming up to Christmas and despite the slow postal service my cheque arrived one day and confirmed to me that this company really do keep to their word.

Ever since I have continued to do 2-3 surveys per month -until recently when I was invited into a National Lottery Panel. I gladly accepted this offer, and I am now completing 4 extra paid surveys a month in this panel. has always kept true to their word and has been very helpful in the past.

I consider them to be the cream of the crop - the premium paid surveys company. I continue to do paid surveys for them and the pleasant and happy experience continues, and my Ipoints rewards still come in a steady flow.

Each survey is fairly short and always very easy to understand. The pre-qualifying questions are also always very fair in my opinion. Long may it last! I simply can't recommend them enough!


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