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Survey-Platinum had over 400 listed paid survey companies in its database on the day it launched. Because of this, they have grown very quickly and are a major player in the paid survey field.

One of their unique qualities is that their database is broken down by category. Their listings include:

  • Get Paid to do Surveys
  • Get Paid to Drive
  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • Get Paid to Eat

Another one of their unique selling points is that they will instantly show you how to earn $65 just by registering with paid survey companies. This will more than make up for their nominal one-time membership fee and will help you get started making money instantly!

With Survey-Platinum, you can pay by: Credit Card, Paypal, or Check. *excellent

There is even a full, 90-day money back guarantee.

We have recently been exchanging email with Survey-Platinum --testing their response time and knowledge. They have greatly impressed us! They always responded very quickly... sometimes within minutes... and they are very knowledgeable about the Paid Surveys industry! We use Survey-Platinum daily and enjoyed the TONS of bonuses they offer to new customers.

Their database is updated regularly and is easy-to-use.

Survey-Platinum is very customer-oriented and works very closely with customers that need a helping hand. Most survey companies just give you access and do not offer much support or they're slow to respond. Survey-Platinum breaks this trend by really helping you understand how it all works.

It seems like Survey-Platinum is on a fast track and they have recently been spending quite a bit on advertising (which is good because it shows they are interested in their business). We believe Survey-Platinum will be a top contender very quickly. Sign up here *highly recommended

What you will Need:

  • A new email account - because you will get spammed a LOT (not by Survey-Platinum, but by some of the survey companies)... even from the reputable companies. You won't want to get all those spams in your main mailbox.

  • Roboform - RoboForm is a great, FREE tool to help you fill out forms. It is like "Gator" in that it stores your information for easy form-filling, BUT it contains no spyware, viruses or any other nasty ads like Gator does. [Download RoboForm Free]

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