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Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance

Welcome to the Wisconsin homeowners insurance page. We try to answer some important questions relative to the state of Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, it is not a requirement to purchase homeowners insurance. However, if you are taking out a mortgage on your home, most financial institutions require that insurance is taken out on the property for the remaining balance of the loan.

Your policy is dependent on what coverage you buy and the limits you choose. The cost of homeowners insurance in Wisconsin is based on many variables.

The insurance company will generally calculate your premium based on the type of structure your home. In Wisconsin there is also a fire rating that is done on homes -based on their location, water pressure and other factors that help to finalize the cost of your premium.

For more information on fire protection classification contact the Wisconsin Insurance Commissione's office.

When looking for homeowners insurance in Wisconsin, be sure to take the necessary actions to get enough coverage.

For more general information, visit our Homeowners Insurance Information page.

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