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Texas Homeowners Insurance

Unlike most states, Texas insurance companies have standardized homeowners insurance policies. These policies are the HO-A, HO-B, and HO-C. All insurance companies offer the same coverage under these standardized plans, but they charge different amounts.

Here is a breakdown of the standardized Texas homeowners insurance policies:

The H0-A policy is a base coverage policy. It only provides limited cash value coverage for a home and its contents. The H0-A only covers items that are listed in the actual policy. Amendments can be made to the policy to get better coverage but it would no longer be considered a standardized policy.

The H0-B policy covers the replacement cost for most damage types, unless they are excluded in the policy. You should be fully aware of excluded items, and get additional coverage if necessary.

The H0-C policy is generally more expensive than an H0-A an H0-B policy. It is most extensive coverage of the three.

Other approved homeowners insurance policies are available for purchase from insurance companies in Texas. Those policies are also regulated and must be approved by the Texas insurance commissioner. To find out if a policy is approved, contact the Texas Insurance Commissioner's Office.

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