Oregon Health Insurance Laws
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Oregon Health Insurance

Consumer Rights under OR State Law

Oregon Policy Restrictions

Guaranteed Renewal
Guaranteed renewal means that an insurance company can not cancel a policy because of an individual's health condition or age. They must renew a policy if an individual request it. An insurance company does have the right to cancel a policy for other reasons. Review your contract and be aware of these terms to prevent cancellation.

Exclusion Period
An exclusion period is when an insurance company excludes a pre-existing coverage from a policy. This means that an insured individual will not be compensated for any treatment related the excluded condition until the exclusion period is complete.

Oregon Insurance Company Restrictions

Regulated Costs
Some states place regulations on the insurance premiums. Oregon state insurance laws do not regulate the cost of a premium. This means insurance companies in Oregon can charge what they feel is reasonable for their coverage.

Premiums are usually based on industry standards, the age of an individual, or existing health conditions.

Controlled Insurance
If an insurance company is controlled they usually have set premiums as determined by the state. Oregon insurance companies are not controlled. They can deny coverage to any individual or charge more for coverage due to existing conditions.

Insurance companies inc Oregon can also increase their premiums because an individuals age or health status changes.

Temporary Coverage
Temporary coverage is health insurance that is intended to provide individuals with a temporary solution for health coverage. These plans usually have a fixed timeline and is not guaranteed renewable.

Always check with your health insurance company on latest policies. These types of policies rarely ever change (but can), and they are very similar from state to state. So, we have tried to highlight the differences, where applicable.

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