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Michigan Homeowners Insurance

In Michigan, the Essential Insurance Act is in place to give all Michigan citizens the opportunity to attain homeowners insurance. This act prevents an insurance company from denying coverage based on: the age of a house, location, ore type of neighborhood you live in.

If you are ineligible for coverage, you can still get coverage from the Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association. It is recommended that you find out what situations make you ineligible for coverage, and here are a few of those situations:

  1. You can be denied coverage if you have been found guilty of committing or trying to commit arson, using illegal explosives, or destroying property.
  2. You can be denied if you have been denied payment of a claim, due to evidence of arson or fraud on your part in the past five years.
  3. You can be denied coverage if the property you are trying to insure is used for dangerous or illegal purposes.
  4. You can be denied coverage if you refuse to buy the minimum required coverage, for the type of house you are buying.
  5. You can be denied coverage if your home insurance has been canceled because of non-payment of premium in the past two years.
  6. You can be denied coverage if the value of your property does not meet the minimum requirements of $7,500 for repair cost coverage, and $15,000 for replacement cost coverage.
  7. You can be denied coverage if the taxes on your property is over two years past due.
  8. You can be denied coverage if the insurance you are trying to buy, requires that you are a member of a specific group or organization, and you do not join the organization.

If you are denied homeowners insurance coverage by an insurance company in Michigan, an explanation must be given in writing. Contact Michigan State Insurance Commissioner's office for more information.

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