Iowa Car Insurance Laws and Regulations
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Iowa Auto Insurance

Requirements of Motorists under IA State Law

Everyone has an opinion about insurance. Some people believe it is a conspiracy to con hardworking people out of money. You can not imagine how much you need insurance until you something happens that you were not prepared for.

Weather its a car accident, a flu, a fire,or a theft these things happen all the time. You never know if or when something might happen to you. Don't be caught off guard by life's unpredictable events.

There are certain "requirements" that are applicable to each state and varies accordingly. We have attempted to compile all of the relevant information in to this single resource to help visitors know what is expected of them in regards to insurance.

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Iowa Car Insurance Requirements

Coverage Minimum - 20/40/15

Coverage Explanation - Car insurance coverage in Iowa must provide a minimum of $20,000 for injury liability for one person in an accident, $40,000 for all injuries in an accident, and $15,000 for property damage in an accident.

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Important Iowa Auto Insurance Laws!

1. Under IA law, you must be consider financially responsible. This requirement can be met by filing proof of at least $55,000 insurance coverage. Otherwise, you must post security of $55,000 by certified check, cashier's check, money order, or surety bond. This filing must be maintained for two years.

However, insurance in Iowa is not compulsory. (see notes in "Important to Note")

2. Both owner and driver of the vehicles involved in an accident must prove their financial responsibility. This means if you owned the car involved in an accident but were not driving it at the time, you would still have to show financial responsibility by using one of the ways already discussed. (see exemptions below)

Important to Note:

Proof of financial responsibility after an accident isn't needed in these cases:

  • Your car was legally stopped, standing, or parked;
  • Your vehicle was driven without your permission;
  • No damage occurred to any person or property other than yourself.


The Financial & Safety Responsibility Act protects you from the financially unsound and reckless driver. It does this by:

  • Suspending the operating and registration privileges of a driver or owner who hasn't been able to show immediate financial responsibility following an accident; and,
  • By requiring anyone whose driver's license has been suspended or revoked because of a conviction, unsatisfied judgment or violation of the OWI law to prove financial responsibility for any future damages or injuries that driver may cause.


If you cause personal injury or damage exceeding $1,000 to the other party, you must next prove your financial responsibility. Otherwise, your license will be suspended.

You can prove financial responsibility in one of these ways:

  • Show that you are covered by automobile liability insurance at the time of the accident;
  • Post cash, cashier's check, certified check, bank draft or postal money order payable to the Office of Driver Services;
  • Get releases from all other damaged or injured parties;
  • Obtain a decision resulting from a civil damage action relieving you of all liability;
  • File an agreement to pay the other damaged or injured parties on an installment plan;
  • Execute a warrant for confession of judgment which includes an agreement upon payment schedule;
  • File evidence of a complete settlement of all damages or injuries.


Financial responsibility after an accident and future proof of rules apply to non-residents as well. Non-residents cannot operate or register any vehicle in Iowa until all requirements are met.

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