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Florida Homeowners Insurance

Due to the risk of damage from tropical storms, Florida insurance companies are required to provide certain types of specialty coverage to Florida residents. Keep in mind that some of these coverage types can not be added once a storm or hurricane reaches a certain distance from Florida, so don't wait till the last minute.

Here are the different kinds of specialty coverage that are available:

Sinkhole Damage
Sinkhole damage is a very prevalent problem in Florida. These types of catastrophes can sneak up on home owners with no warning at all. The problem is that Florida has an extensive underground system of caves and caverns.

Over time, the water table or underground steams can erode areas and cause an unexpected sinkhole to swallow a home!

Some insurance companies do not have to offer this coverage but do offer them in most cases.

Flood Insurance
Flood insurance is usually excluded in most insurance policies. If you are unable to get flood insurance from a private insurance company, contact the National Flood Insurance Program.

Windstorm Coverage
Windstorm Coverage is usually included in most insurance policies. Some high risk areas might be turned down for coverage by private insurance agencies.

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