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Spam Blocker Review

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Spam Blocker Review

What SPAM?

Update: Qurb's site seems to be down

For the first time in my internet experience, I can refer to spam in the past tense. I used to get spammed constantly. I remember if I didn't check my email every day or two, I would just clear the whole inbox because it took way too long to search through the crap.

I tried different ISPs, spam filters and spam blockers. I even tried changing my email address every couple of months. All of these solutions had their benefits but were a pain to maintain.

Whenever a new anti spam software came out, I gave it a try because I was willing to do just about anything to Block SPAM. I just want to say "Thank You Qurb. You changed my life."

Since I started using the Qurb spam blocker, I have not had to search through my filtered messages to find accidentally blocked emails. And I finally got rid of those member enlargement emails!

I don't know how they did it, but it does what all the others promised to do and could not.

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How to Stop Spam

Qurb is one of the latest technologies used to fight spam and it uses common sense instead of complex heuristics (geeky word for problem-solving formulas). The difference of Qurb and Spam Arrest (our previously recommended spam blocker) is that Qurb is an add-on piece to Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express.

Because it is a downloadable add-on, there is no costly, monthly service fee. There is only a low ($29.95 -at the time of this writing), one-time purchase price.

Anti-Spam Filter Solution

Qurb loses one piece of the automation that Spam Arrest had because it does not ask the "sender" to verify they are real; it asks "you" to look through the "quarantined" emails and figure out which ones are good or not.

The quarantine list is built dynamically from your "address book", and it adds/updates the list as necessary. Of course, you can also manually adjust the list as you need.

You can add specific addresses of those you already know to the list. This also includes newsletters you subscribe to, etc. Adding newsletter emails is an important step --otherwise, you probably won't get them.

The only other drawback (until future upgrades are released) is that the Qurb Spam Filter Software only works with Outlook or Outlook Express. If you use another email software or need a platform independent solution, visit our Spam Arrest Review page.


Qurb is an excellent, inexpensive way to fight spam. We highly recommend it for those that can use it (i.e. Outlook clients). A quick glance through an email quarantine is infinitely better than having to sift through spam on an hourly basis (or minute-by-minute basis in my case).

Finally take control of your inbox with a spam filter that is simple, quick, and works!

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