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Hate SPAM?

I hate SPAM!!! I am not talking about that weird meat stuff in the can. I am talking about the irritating emails we get from people we don't know, about things we don't want. Hey try Viagra! It doesn't matter who you are, you get all the same emails with the "Steve, haven't heard from you in a while" subject line. The only thing that comes to mind is how do they know my name is Steve?

I remember my first email address. I used to think getting email was the coolest thing. I felt so important. Now, I am afraid to give my email address to anyone because I think I'm going to get signed up on some spam mail list.

I have been able to best describe SPAM as the fleas or the telemarketers of the internet. It is about the most annoying thing you can imagine.

I've tried all the fancy spam blockers that block mail you need. I've also tried spam filters that got fooled by the spammers that use real email servers to relay messages that substitute letters with numbers like v1agra.

I've tried them only to come to the realization that SPAM is not going anywhere anytime soon other than in our inboxes. With that said, I ask you to read the article below and learn how not to SPAM others. Try not to encourage the internet scoundrels who flood our mailboxes with digital garbage.

And as far as your problem with getting spam goes, I use Spam Arrest because it offers a great balance between blocking trash and being smart enough to not block the mail you need.

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So you say, "sure, but that's just the way it is... how do we get around it?" Well, here's an example followed by a few tips:

One way to increase a site's search engine rankings is by increasing how many sites link back to yours. Well, one way to speed that process along it to simply ask webmasters to link to you. In return, you link to them and each party benefits.

Now pay close attention to a situation in which I found myself...

I began establishing links with other sites and found that the best way to find sites that will link back is to visit sites that link to mine and then go to THEIR "links" page. From there, I found many sites that have already linked to THAT site, so why not see if they'll link to mine, right?

Well, that's the way I thought about it anyway. I figured that I could visit the site, visit their links page, and then visit linking sites to get a contact email to which I could send a "Link Exchange Request." How could it be spamming -especially if I'm not selling anything?? Well, it doesn't matter about how WE rationalize it... it matters about how the intended RECIPIENT rationalizes it!

So, in short, that concept worked very well for a while, and many webmasters were linking back. I thought, "great!" Then, I sat down late one night and began doing this for 7 hours straight! Yes, I sometimes work too much... haha.

At any rate, I sent nearly 350 requests that basically said the same thing, but I tried to personalize them to each site by using their name (whenever it was part of their email). As the night waned and as I became delirious from lack of sleep; I became lazy.

I decided to send roughly twenty more emails quickly before I went to bed. And, instead of looking over all the sites in detail -as I had before- I decided to just email to a default webmaster account.

At first, you're probably thinking... well, then I spammed those last 20 or so sites; and I would concur that I did -in a strict sense. And, it is something I have since never done again. But, here's the key: although I received a spam complaint from one of those "lazy spam emails;" I ALSO received a couple of complaints from some of the detailed, personalized emails! I had worked so long on these -only to have it reported as spam.

A sad day, to be sure. I received very stern warning calls from my Internet backbone providers -not fun for a world-class web company! They threatened to shut me down, and I was taken aback for sure.

The key lesson learned was that even "relevant" email that didn't "sell" anything can be reported as spam -if it is unsolicited and not wanted! I'll tell you that MOST of those webmasters THANKED me for sending them my email. They wanted to not only link back to me, but some of them sold me services and vice-versa.

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So, be cautious when sending emails --a single email can get you in trouble! The best way to go about contacting companies for issues not directly related to what they are expecting from you is to email a request for permission to email the appropriate person.

In other words, send an email stating no more than "I would like to speak to or email someone within your organization that could handle a link exchange request. If interested, please reply with your permission and any relevant information." However, even this is risky and can be reported as spam.

What to do then? The best method is always to call. Find a number on the website and pick up the phone. If they don't list a phone number, move on. Speaking to a live person may not get your goal accomplished, but it won't get you blacklisted on the Internet either!

The exception to this rule is when you can easily justify that your email intended to give them your business. What I mean by that is that your email clearly states you would like something from them and will be willing to pay them for it.

This is not a spam to try to get something for nothing; it can easily be proved to be a request to do what that company wants --generate a new sale with you. For instance, in the linking example, you can send a link email to a high-ranking site and ask them for a link.

Let them know that you would be willing to pay a "reasonable fee" for their time in creating the link OR you would be willing to place a reciprocal link on your site to theirs.

Some sites will not link to you if your site traffic or your link popularity is not near to their ranking. So, in that case, you would probably have to pay them for the link.

But, in any case, the point is that an email with an offer to pay is better because it should get a response, accomplish your goal, and best of all --generate excitement by the other party because they may earn your business!

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