Spam Arrest (spamarrest) Review
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Spam Blocker Review

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Spam Arrest Review

How to Stop Spam

SpamArrest is one of the latest technologies used to fight spam and it uses common sense instead of complex heuristics (geeky word for problem-solving formulas).

Think of it this way: if you looked at your inbox without a spam filter, you'd know which ones were spam and which ones weren't. But that takes time.

Anti-Spam Solution

What Spam Arrest does is it "asks" the sender to take a moment to verify that they are a real person. Simple. Spammers work by sending millions upon millions of emails and there is no way that they would take the time to open, click, and verify an email that was bounced back to them.

So, whenever someone sends you an email, they get an email back that asks them if they are real... basically. After they click a link, their email is delivered to your inbox. If it was a spammer, the spammer would never reply; and their email would sit in limbo or be deleted.

You also have what is known as a "whitelist" or "approved list". You can add specific addresses of those you already know to the list. This also includes newsletters you subscribe to, etc.


HAHA to the SPAMMERS for once!! This is the next best thing to tracking down spammers and killing them! That would send a message and probably curb the amount of spam sent, but ...alas... it's not an option.

So, this method works.. and of the few services that work on this principle; we feel SpamArrest is the best on service, support, and ease-of-use.

They also offer a 30-day free trial, so give it a go and finally get back at those spammers!

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