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Update: mValue has acquired SmoothLinks, cracked down on cheaters, and begun re-marketing the site to online marketers. Obviously, we now highly, highly recommend it ;)

SmoothLinks was kicked off in early 2003, and through a good bit of marketing was grown to nearly 2,500 members within just 1.5 years.

The SmoothLinks PTC site is based on a fairly common paid-to-click script that is used by most of the larger competitor sites. The difference being that the design and script integration was custom and several unique features were built in to make SmoothLinks unique.

However, one major problem plagued SmoothLinks (and every PTC site): cheaters.

The cheaters are nearly all the talk you'll hear from PTC and PTR site owners. It kills profits, kills advertising effectiveness, and eventually kills the site itself --just like so many others in the past.

Unfortunately, SmoothLinks advertising effectiveness fell off towards the latter part of the 1.5 years of growth due to a greater number of "heavy-hitter" cheaters signing up and eating away all of the advertisers credits --naturally without any real conversions to speak of.

Since mValue has finally gotten its paid to read program launched, it was inevitable to follow through and look to build out a paid to click site. This was originally planned to be done from scratch and be hosted on the mvalue domain, but we decided to use a separate domain to keep bandwidth and traffic statistics more manageable.

Then, SmoothLinks came up on the market. After research and consideration, mValue chose to purchase the site, re-write a little bit of the core logic and fully integrate a customized in-house security package to crack down on the cheaters.

Within just one week after going live with the new code, nearly 500 cheaters (including several mega-cheaters) were eliminated from the database. The cheaters that remain are mostly inactive and will be caught as they become active again.

There are also several other major changes happening at SmoothLinks that help position it to become the next leader in the PTC market space.

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