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Sitemap Creator Review

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Sitemap Creator Review

Why have a Sitemap Builder?

The #1 reason for having a sitemap is for the search engines to easily be able to index every page in your site. It is even recommended by Google to have one -in an effort to speed up their indexing and to be sure no pages are accidentally skipped.

Of course, a well designed sitemap can also be helpful to visitors when they can't find something on your site. Many times a frustrated visitor will simply leave and you lose the sale. However, with a great sitemap; you have a second chance to help them find what they want to find.

We reviewed every Sitemap Creator that we could find -which weren't many- and we chose just one... Sitemap Creator. Check out our review below.


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Sitemap Creator Review

There weren't many sitemap creators out there, but the difference was clear.

One sitemap creator we found was cool in that it created a "tree-like" map of a website. This made it somewhat easier for a person to find what they wanted -if they knew basically where it should be.

The problem was that it put all of the site links on one, single page --which for large sites became quickly cluttered and exceeded the recommended 100 links per page (to remain search engine friendly). So, we ruled out that product for the reason that search engine friendliness is our #1 concern.

All of the remaining products -except for Sitemap Creator by Andy Williams (ezSEO)- would simply spider your site and create basic links to each page. This is definately "workable", but when we reviewed Sitemap Creator; it's method beat them all out far.

Sitemap Creator is the most search engine friendly of all of the sitemap creators available. First of all, it is extremely simple to set up, and it 100% integrates to your sites' look-and-feel. The sitemap page design is based on a template page which is simple to customize (basically just take an existing page from your site and copy/paste a table into it).

Sitemap Creator takes in to account things like Maximum links per page (100 is the recommended max) and it pulls the description from the META Description tag --not just the Title.

That means that for search engines -like Google- who take in to account the text surrounding a link to determine relevance, each of the links on your sitemap page will not only help distribute PageRank (PR); but they will also help send relevance along with it. That makes each link much more valuable in the eyes of the search engine.

We set up our mValue sitemap within 30 minutes AND had the template page completely customized too! We added our pages to the sitemap list and watched as the sitemap was built in about 10 seconds. When we took a look at the output, we were so thrilled to have found such an easy-to-use and powerful product.

It originally took us 2 hours to build our sitemap (without the descriptions!) and at least 10-15 minutes to maintain it when we changed something (which is frequent on mValue).

Sitemap Creator made that a breeze for us. Now, updates only take a few seconds with a couple of clicks of a button. Want to see our Sitemap in action? mValue Sitemap

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