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SEO Book Reviewed!


SEO Book Review


Another Way: AdSense Revenue Sharing

Update: The online advertising market is quickly changing. Many old ways of advertising are simply no longer working ...this includes pay-per-click (PPC) and others. Most of these ebooks all say the same thing anyway, and if you have your own web sites, the following is key:

  1. on-site optimization: important for gaining an extra spot or two
  2. off-site optimization: critical for ranking well. Link anchor text is also critically important.

So, once you know the basics, the key is finding the best way to advertise. Currently, the best way to advertise with the secondary benefit of potential increased rankings is with LinkSmile.

The comprehensive SEO BookSEO Book is a good information resource and is quite comprehensive in that it attempts to cover a wide range of topics regarding search engine ranking techniques.


This ebook had a lot of helpful information in it, and the author, Aaron Wall, says that the ebook is updated frequently.

Frequent updates are -naturally- a big plus in the SEO world because the industry changes daily. In fact, in our own marketing efforts across a number of our own sites; we have seen that pay-per-click (PPC) no longer works -except in rare market niches.

Even search engine marketing seems to be taking a turn for the worse -as search engines are seemingly becoming more and more greedy and not providing quality results along with flooding the searcher with paid listings and sponsored ads.

The only real way to make money online -legitimately- in today's market is to go back to the days of old. Back to a time when companies successfully marketed on quality sites using text links or banners to get traffic. Back then (before PageRank), the search engine those companies received was seen as a bonus for smart advertising.

Nowadays, however, webmasters abuse text link advertising to spam the search engines. The key to success is to find a way to buy quality advertising that pays for itself in a trackable and measurable way. With a quality advertising plan, the search engine benefit should follow but becomes less of an important factor because the advertising itself is worthwhile.

Until now, unfortunately, there has been no single place to find various types of advertising on truly quality sites -especially that can offer the added bonus of potential search rankings boost. That has all changed now that LinkSmile has come on to the scene.

LinkSmile now offers quality advertising on quality sites that pays for itself. Even better is that most advertising bought through the LinkSmile advertising marketplace will also help to increase the buyers' web site link popularity -an important factor in search engine marketing.

Our Highest Recommendation goes to Google Cash



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