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Secret Shopper Club

Note: If you're not big on ebooks, visit Shadow Shopper. They will actually help you find jobs!

There are a couple of ebooks that help people become secret shoppers, and they all do a decent job. Finding an ebook with resources and good advice will give you a HUGE advantage.

However, out of all of the ebooks we have read on the subject, we were most pleased with Secret Shopper Club. This ebook was not filled with "affiliate links" like many others, and all of the resources in this ebook are free to use by anyone. It even goes in to detail about how to use the resources themselves --something which other ebooks and "database services" tend to overlook.

One of the highlights of this ebook was that it was very detailed in the steps to becoming a successful mystery shopper, but it also went beyond that to describe in further detail how to go through each step piece-by-piece. You are even given sample applications, example answers, tips on getting more assignments, and much more.

The list of companies are kept up-to-date, and they are categorized by: US only, Canada, Australia, international, etc. This really helps to save time and focus on getting the most assignments and moving up the ranks --which is also described in detail.

The author is a 5-year veteran mystery shopper (at the time of this writing), and has a wealth of knowledge to share. She tells you how to be successful, increase your pay over time, and obtain multiple assignments while upgrading to better assignments as available.

And, even with all of this information jam-packed in to one place; it was easy on the eyes and was the equivalent of about 50 pages. So, you can read it in a day or a couple of days and get started soon. This ebook contained everything we found from our research and a few tidbits of extra information that we did not even know.

Working as a mystery shopper can be fun, rewarding, and is perfect for work-at-home moms.

We highly recommend this ebook and feel it is well worth the investment.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did and have FUN becoming a Secret Shopper!!

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p.s. All of the resources listed in this ebook are FREE to use!


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