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Search Engine Rankings
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Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization

Update: This ebook is no longer available. Please take a look at Google Cash instead.

Update: Although we still recommend this ebook out of most out there, the author has been ignoring all of our emails and no longer replies to threads in his forum. The online advertising market is quickly changing. Many old ways of advertising are simply no longer working ...this includes pay-per-click (PPC) and others.

Most of these ebooks all say the same thing anyway, and there are a few basics... things like:

  1. on-site optimization: important for gaining an extra spot or two
  2. off-site optimization: critical for ranking well. Link anchor text is also critically important.

So, once you know the basics, the key is finding the best way to advertise. Currently, the best way to advertise with the secondary benefit of potential increased rankings is with LinkSmile.

mValue is one of hundreds of sites owned by our parent company. One of our sister sites is - a site dedicated to helping members succeed online. Why do we mention that? Because we consider ourselves experts at marketing and 80% of our traffic comes from search engines! How do we do it?

We have been in the SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) game for years and have been very successful at it. One of the ways we keep on top of the latest trends is to fully read and explore everything we can get our hands on related to SEO.

We have read every SEO ebook, every SEO article, and anything else we can get our hands on. We occasionally learn a new trick here and there.

Out of everything we have read, we have to recommend Search Engine Rankings Revealed as our top pick. Read our review below to find out why...

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Search Engine Rankings Revealed Review

We are always skeptical now when we purchase a new, super-hyped ebook on SEO. This is because we've "been there; done that" for nearly every little trick you have heard of ---and many you probably haven't. So, whenever we discover a new trick along the way; we are very pleased.

With Search Engine Rankings Revealed, Sean Burns showed us that he REALLY knows his stuff and that he is constantly learning, improving, and staying ahead of the game ...just like we try to do. He keeps his ebook and sites up-to-date, and usually releases a new version of his ebook after every major change with the Search Engines.

For those that are customers, they will get the latest search engine promotion information via his website and SEO forum --even if he hasn't yet released a new ebook version. This is crucial to staying ahead of the game.

So, in short, what blew us away with this ebook is the fact that we learned several new search engine optimization tricks that we never even thought of before! That pleasantly surprised us to say the least. This ebook covers everything in explicit detail... from how the tiniest "on-page" factors affect search engine ranking (or don't) to how "off-page" factors can affect ranking.

He covers every search engine separately and doesn't just focus on Google Ranking. He explains the differences between the search engine ranking algorithms used for a good Google Ranking versus a good Yahoo ranking versus a good Lycos ranking... every base is touched.

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One of the biggest insights we got from this book was how a site's internal linking structure can help or hurt search engine rankings and can seriously affect the overall effectiveness of your search engine optimization. Sean Burns also covers topics like "over optimization" --which can be a killer if you aren't careful! There is so much in the ebook that we can't possibly cover it in this review.

In response to all that we learned, we actually took on the huge project of redesigning our main sites... As a result, our ranking literally skyrocketed (were great to begin with). We were already ranked well for most key terms, but after our further optimization and after about a week; we saw our sites begin to appear in the top 10-20 (sometimes #1-#5) for key terms we had previously not been able to rank well for!

In fact, you probably found our site through a search engine... how's that for a testimonial?! ;)

Check out this ebook... it is well worth it, and there's a money back guarantee --although, I promise you that you won't need it!! Enjoy!

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