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Tired of keeping up with all
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Reciprocal Manager is the Answer!

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Reciprocal Link Manager

Link Popularity - As most webmasters know or are beginning to find out, link popularity is an essential part of their online marketing campaign. Link Popularity is the value assigned by search engines (specifically started by Google) that helps define your ranking for key terms.

"Link Pop" is achieved by having other websites (best if they are related) linking to your site. Many webmasters rely on pay-per-click and other more expensive methods to generate traffic because maintaining a link campaign can be very cumbersome. Adding, checking, removing links and making sure they "fit" in your site can take hundreds of hours!

A link manager system can lower that figure to just a few minutes per month.

Reciprocal Manager is the most powerful program for managing your link campaign. It's better than online link manager systems because you pay a low, one-time fee of $47 fee (on sale from normal price of $70) and you never have to pay another monthly fee again.

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Download Reciprocal Manager and get 1 YEAR of Support!

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UPDATE: The product site has been down for years. Due to a number of requests for support (since the product site has been offline), Linksmile now offers 1 YEAR of support for download and installation of this popular reciprocal link manager script. If interested, please click here.


Reciprocal Manager REVIEW

Reciprocal Manager is the ultimate link manager software of any we have found to date. This script is written in PHP (very stable and fast) and runs on your web server. Most web hosting companies nowadays will support PHP, but you should ask them to be sure.

Here's a sample of the more important features (many are omitted for time's sake):

  • Integrated Design - header/footer can be edited to match your site's design. You can also have the category title displayed in the page title itself
    WARNING: You will need to know HTML to integrate your design

    *If you purchase through our site, we will help you get it set up!

  • Search Engine Friendly - code can be easily indexed by all search engines (increasing value to entice webmasters to trade links). Category page titles will also help for relevancy --further increasing value of linking to you!

  • Organized - organized by an infinite number of categories and sub-categories you define

  • Ease of Administration - allow webmasters to add their own link information whereby you simply approve each one with a simple click. All admin tasks are handled in a straight-forward, simple, password-protected online admin area

  • Email Notices - new link requests will be emailed to you for approval / verification

  • Verification - you can optionally choose to force email validation before allowing a submission to your directory (highly suggested!)

  • Link Presence Checking - script can check to make sure your link partners are still linking back to you... several options for what to do if a link isn't found.

  • Link Preference - you can have a "featured links" section to promote your own affiliate links for a category or as an incentive for webmasters

  • Unlimited Domains - script can be used on an unlimited number of domains

  • Webmasters Admin Area - webmasters can edit their own links via a control panel!

  • Search Capability - allow visitors to search your links directory

The list goes on and on...

You get unlimited updates and a ton of included bonuses as well.

You will rarely find me so strongly endorse a product such as this, but the functionality of this script and its value to your site is incredible. Buy support for this reciprocal link manager today.

This is a must-have for any serious link-trader's toolbox. Check it out today...

To view mValue's Link Directory, click on 'Links' at the top of this page
(uses Reciprocal Manager)


Linksmile provides free script download with 1 YEAR of support for only $47!

Ready to Download Reciprocal Manager Now? Order 1 YEAR Support Now!


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