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mValue has launched it's paid to read program as promised and now you can get paid to click too.

However, we decided not to build a paid to click program from scratch. Instead, we have acquired a quality PTC site at

In time, we expect to propel SmoothLinks to the forefront of the industry by revolutionizing return on investment for the site's advertisers. In the PTC industry, there is currently ZERO return on investment. So, advertisers must look elsewhere for true conversions.

Even with referrals to other programs, people promoting PTC sites end up wasting their time because all they end up referring are cheaters. Those cheaters make them a little bit of money sometimes, but overall they make the PTC sites fail to earn money --which makes it less likely you'll ever get paid.

There is way to much scamming going on in the paid-to-click and paid-to-surf market, so mValue is pioneering the way to stop the cheating, increase advertiser ROI, and increase payouts to members who participate honestly.

If you are interested in a new generation of Paid to Surf site, check it out:

SmoothLinks PTC (review)

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