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Get Paid to Shop

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You've heard the hype.

And, yes, it's true... You can get paid to shop!

Well, the catch is that it might not be you, personally. But, people are doing it and they are getting paid for it. There are some companies you could probably find on the Internet yourself. For example: Jack in the Box

If you have a Jack in the Box restaurant near you, you could visit their site at:

They will give you free food or maybe even cash in exchange for your opinion -depending on their promotion at the time. These you might find on your own, but the services have a large listing of research companies that do not necessarily advertise online.

Those are the ones that are best because there is less competition for the spots and they offer to pay you for your opinion in a larger variety of stores or restaurants. Our Jack in the Box example is considered a "Paid to Eat" listing, but the "get paid to shop" and "get paid to eat" companies are typically one-in-the-same.

So, the deal is that there are several new companies now taking the time to find, test, and weed through all these paid to shop companies, and presenting you to them for various jobs. Most of those sites are worthless, but we have found one that works: Shadow Shopper.

Visit the Shadow Shopper Site (skip advice)

Learn how to get paid to shop ...keep reading!

Paid to Shop - Advice

  • Do not make the mistake of applying to every "mystery shopper" job out there right away. Instead, look through the listings and apply to the top 3 that you think you are a fit for. Then, try to have in mind what you can offer. If they don't accept you; go to the next best 3 and try to revamp your presentation.

  • After much feedback from our valuable visitors, we no longer recommend signing up with paid surveys companies that have mystery shopping databases --unless you really want to do BOTH. Companies like SurveyScout are great for paid surveys, but are not the best for helping you get started with mystery shopping apparently.

So we searched online, tried several services, and read several ebooks on the subject and on how to get started. We have found an excellent service that even taught us a few new tricks!

Visit the shadow shopper site through the link below. They will help you get started and even help match you up with local gigs in your area that are a match! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did and have FUN becoming a Secret Shopper!!

Visit the Secret Shopper eBook Site

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