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mValue's has teamed up with SmoothLinks Paid to Read / Click Program

Update: mValue has consolidated the mValue PTR program with SmoothLinks PTC program to ensure a more effective "all-in-one" campaign to benefit advertisers and members.

Why all the hooplah?

"Paid to Read" has been around for years. People of all genres sign up to receive paid emails. It is a huge boom on the Internet because people (work at home moms, part-time workers, average web surfers, etc) love the thought of getting paid for simply taking a look at an advertiser's offer.

They are the backbone of the Internet because they are the ones buying online, are "early adopters" of new technologies, and love new gimmicks and ways to make money (especially online). They are also typical offline consumers that buy household goods, foodstuffs, autos, etc.

With all of the problems with spam, lack of market reach, and expense of typical online marketing venues; it's one of the best ideas for marketing online because you have a willing audience that will take a look at your site or offer. How many other advertising medium offer such a welcome?

The only problem has been that -up until mValue's launch- there has been few to none truly big-name and professionally managed programs. Welcome to the NEW Paid to Read - by mValue.

Members get paid to work from home:

mValue (SmoothLinks) is one of the very few HONEST programs





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