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Have you had any bad experiences with a Paid Surveys company that never paid up or didn't pay on time? There are a number of known paid surveys companies to avoid.

Below is a chart of online research firms we have had a negative experience with so far:

Online Research Firm
No good offerings and sends LOTS of spam. Sells emails to spammers.
Note: Some databases still list these (not enough complaints yet), but we know they are a scams and/or do not pay; so we recommend to avoid them. The free sites recomending these programs just want referral fees -regardless of who gets hurt!

Some people have asked if SurveyScout is a scam. Take a look at our SurveyScout Scam page.

If you have had a negative experience with a paid surveys company, we invite you to report them at GPT Boycott and our Get Paid Forum.

If you are looking to sign up with a paid surveys database company, you should check out our page on what the other paid surveys sites won't tell you!

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