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Paid Surveys Review

Other review sites seem to be only interested in earning referrals. They recommend products and services -regardless of their true value or worth. Many review sites plain out lie.

We take a different approach and we are sure to use or try products that we intend to fully endorse. We also promptly remove or replace any programs we find to "go downhill" (as noted by customer complaints and refunds). So, our reviews are geared towards truly educating and informing about the benefits as well as the risks.

Here's the truth about paid surveys that the other review sites won't mention:

Quality over Quantity

Many review sites tout the fact that a "recommended" paid surveys site offers 600 or over a thousand surveys. This just isn't important. It is better to sign up for a paid surveys company that will offer you quality sites instead of simply listing everything they come across.

Paid Surveys Database Maintenance

If the paid survey company doesn't keep their database updated (i.e. adding new quality programs and removing non-paying programs), then it's not worth as much. Most paid surveys databases are not kept nearly as up-to-date as they claim.

Dishonest Paid Surveys Reviews

Are you tired of seeing soo many sites listing out every paid survey company around and telling you that they are all great? If it irritates you, that's because you know that they can't all be great; and deep down you know that the other sites are simply hoping you'll sign up for *something*.

We've even seen some sites with "obviously" made up testimonials --of people making $300/hour all day long as much as they want. Yeah right! I wouldn't bother building review sites if that were true! We use a TON of paid survey companies ourselves, and we (after 3 months or so) finally receive a LOT of survey requests. But, it's still mostly prizes and some cash. It's something we do in our spare time to earn a little extra and get a few great gifts (and great giftcards).

Anyway, I hope that our review site can give you what you are looking for and help you get started --without all the misconceptions.

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