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PaidOnlineSurveys is a specific company and this is our review of their offerings. If you would like more general information about Paid Surveys, please visit our Paid Surveys homepage.


The paid surveys company name "Paid Online Surveys" gets a decent bit of traffic to their site and appears to offer many -if not all- of the services that other paid survey companies offer. However, we do not think they are one of the larger paid survey companies --as other so-called "review sites" claim.

For instance, we have seen other sites that claim that paid-online-surveys has over 10,000 active members, is the most popular, etc etc. However, their site traffic and their database just does not justify such a claim.

We believe that these other "review sites" merely make these claims because paid-online-surveys prominently displays and promotes their affiliate program. In our humble opinion, these companies are only out for a quick buck.

We -on the other hand- will only recommend companies that we truly believe in and that are good enough that we choose to use them ourselves! That in and of itself should speak volumes.

With Paid-Online-Surveys, you can pay by: Credit Card only.

First, we highly recommend you join several of the free paid survey or rewarded surveys on our free paid surveys page. These are free to join and are reputable.

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