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Why you should consider OptiLink Analyzer
Improving link popularity is a known factor in any websites' success.

Anyone that's been researching Google Pagerank and increasing PR knows that Link Popularity is a key element.

This is no secret, but how do you acquire valuable link partners?

It isn't easy and it's very tedious.

If you have a budget, you'll want to find a tool that can offload the burden; and the most powerful SEO analyzer plus link finder tool is OptiLink.

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OptiLink Review

Basic OptiLink Version

OptiLink Analyzer is one extremely powerful program.

The base version of OptiLink is capable of determining a plethora of information about your competitors and your own website. They are:

  • Keyword Density - OptiLink gives tons of information regarding keyword density

  • Link Popularity - OptiLink counts the number of incoming and outgoing links per site

  • Link Text (reputation) - OptiLink calculates the "relevance" of incoming links
    *This is a major ranking factor than many SEO's don't get right!

We were simply astounded at the wealth of information returned to us ...quickly... by OptiLink. Anyone -with enough time- can do all of this by hand, but the simple fact of the matter is that most of us do not have the luxury.

For a small investment, you can let the program do it all for you --probably better!

The basic OptiLink package is not a direct competitor to PR Prowler, but we have been asked to compare the two. So, in a nutshell, OptiLink is meant more for optimization of your pages and linking practices in general --whereas PR Prowler is intended for finding link partners.

However, either product can do double-duty for either task.

The OptiLink add-ons make it more apt to compete in finding link partners by being able to report back things like Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Ranking (PR Prowler does not report Alexa). But, PR Prowler is not really as well-suited for the SEO portion of what OptiLink can do.

After putting OptiLink through it's paces, we highlight the following:


  • Java-based - This program is 100% pure java. So, the beauty in that is that just about anyone on any platform using any operating system can run this software

  • FREE Demo - Excellent, Powerful DEMO is available for download (toward bottom of page)

  • Side-by-Side Charting - OptiLink puts the pieces together in a simple to read format. At a glance, you'll see how your site (or competitors' sites) are using "Link Text", "Keyword Density", and "Link Popularity" in their SEO strategies.


  • Java Software - In our case, we had to upgrade our java software on our WindowsXP machine to accommodate the software. The upgrade went off without a hitch, but you should be aware that it may be necessary for your system.
OptiLink Add-Ons

There are a couple of powerful extensions available. They are:

  • Search Engine Expansion - research in more search engines (MSN, Inktomi, Alexa, etc)

  • Google Analysis Pack - retrieve site PageRank, GoogleCache, and more

$149 - Full Version.

$49 - Search Engine Expansion Pack (AllTheWeb, Inktomi, Lycos, MSN, and Alexa Traffic Rank).

$49 - Google Analysis Pack (Google2, Google3, GoogleCache, and Google PageRank) or $25 with Search Engine Expansion Pack.


OptiLink just misses the perfect 10 rating for it's category because of the slightly techie java upgrade (required in many cases) and its price is a little higher than compared products.

However, please keep in mind that directly comparing OptiLink with PR Prowler is like comparing apples and oranges (both round, but not identical). So, keep in mind that OptiLink's higher pricetag carries with it more SEO-related features.

Hopefully we have given you enough info to make an informed decision to meet your needs!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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OptiLink is THE most powerful SEO tool plus Link Partner Locator

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