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NFO MySurveys Review

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NFO MySurveys

UPDATE: We no longer recommend NFO, because they are using shady tactics to keep people from getting paid. We have fought, several times, to get our account reactivated, but they require us to receive and complete surveys; which is unethical. They offer referral credits, so they should have a way to allow that without having to be bombarded with surveys, but they refuse to listen to reason. Therefore, we are boycotting NFO from now on.

NFO MySurveys was one of the most highly regarded of the online survey companies.

We've had quite a bit of feedback from others that signed up with NFO and they all rave about the quick earning of points which can be used to get truly usuable gift certificates to buy things you really want. If you don't want gift certificates, you can also redeem your points for cash.

While we have accumulated quite a few points with NFO, so we know they are legit and do pay, they have made it increasingly difficult since 2009. They deactivate accounts VERY quickly and they require you to take surveys in order to keep your account active. This is not a fair practice, because not everyone has time to take those surveys.

Due to recent shady tactics, we no longer recommend this survey company.


We also highly recommend you join several of the free paid survey or rewarded surveys on our free paid surveys page. These are free to join and all are reputable.

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This company is also referred to as: NFO Survey, NFO, NFO Worldgroup or NFO MySurveys



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