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Mystery Shopper

mys·ter·y shop·per (n) - One whose identity is not known and visits stores in search of information to assist companies in their marketing efforts

You can get paid to go shopping, eat out at restaurants, and do many things you enjoy and already do everyday ...all while getting paid for it. But you gotta watch out, because there are tons of sites out there that are trying to refer you to buy ebooks or so-called "services" to help you find paying jobs. The ebooks give a good idea, but most people need a helping hand. Most of the "services" are scams that rarely ever match you up with a real, paying gig.

The cool thing about mystery shoppers?

They get paid. They get free stuff.

The bad thing about mystery shoppers?

Lots of people want to do it, but there's a lot of competition now-a-days.

Why is being a mystery shopper becoming so popular?

Well, the obvious reason is shopping, shopping, shopping. haha. Who doesn't want to shop? ;)

In a nutshell, there are lots of people -like you and I- who are secret shopper at a number of various retail stores. But, those people worked hard to get their mystery shopper job and they also had a bit of luck too. Not everyone makes it.

On the upside, more and more companies are starting up mystery shopper programs to help them improve their services and products. So, there is an improving chance for newbies to get in on this boom. However, it could be tough to try to find more than a handful of good, trustworthy programs by searching on the Internet.

One great program we found by a simple and quick search was Jack in the Box. If you have one of these restaurants near you, then you might be in luck!

Jack in the Box's program is technically considered "paid to eat", but it's all really one in the same. You get free stuff and/or get paid to give your detailed feedback and suggestions.

However, the easiest way is to subscribe to a database service (low, one-time fee) that maintains an updated and comprehensive list of marketing firms and corporations offering these programs. This is not the same as paying for being on a preferred waiting list --those are typically scams.

If you're interested in becoming a mystery shopper, check out our advice below:

Mystery Shopper Advice

  • Do not make the mistake of applying to every "mystery shopper" job out there right away. Instead, look through the listings and apply to the top 3 that you think you are a fit for. Then, try to have in mind what you can offer. If they don't accept you; go to the next best 3 and try to revamp your presentation.

  • After much feedback from our valuable visitors, we no longer recommend signing up with paid surveys companies that have mystery shopping databases --unless you really want to do BOTH. Companies like SurveyScout are great for paid surveys, but are not the best for helping you get started with mystery shopping (according to our members).

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However, the easiest (and free) way to earn online is with free paid surveys!

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