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Kayne West - College Dropout

Avril Lavigne - Under my Skin

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin

Eminem - The Eminem Show

Just to name a few!
...and anyone else you can think of ;)



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Free mp3 Downloads

Fact vs. Fiction

The whole mp3 boom came crashing down with an overwhelming *thud* -but all is not lost! Companies are constantly fighting to make it possible to continue delivering quality music at an affordable price. The fight against file sharing only comes from the record-label monopolies that wish to keep their high prices intact.

The odd fact is that a recent study showed that over a 17 month period, file-sharers who swapped music regularly saw no effect on their CD purchases. The surveying companies reported that the difference was "virtually indistinguishable from zero."

The cold, hard truth is that the majority wants file sharing and free mp3 downloads or at least mp3 downloads at a reasonable cost --and what the majority wants; the majority usually gets.

So, now there's options. However, many of the options are scams or don't deliver. The one company that we use delivers at a fair price, has a guarantee, and is a safeguard against any wrong-doing. After a nominal lifetime fee, all your downloads are safe (i.e. legal), free (no further cost), and as good a quality (or better) than you'll find elsewhere!

mp3 Myth #1: All filesharing is illegal
mp3 Fact #1: Filesharing is 100% Legal as long as you abide by some simple rules

mp3 Myth #2: If I share files, I will be taken to court and/or fined
mp3 Fact #2: It is still being debated on whether these ridiculous court cases will even be allowed to be filed at all.
*last ruling was that these cases were not going to be allowed...

mp3 Myth #3: A paid mp3 download service will cost an arm-and-a-leg
mp3 Myth #3: Some sites are VERY reasonable. (see review below)

FileShare Review

We have signed up with numerous free mp3 download, file share compaines and have tested them out thoroughly. They were all eliminated for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Not enough of a music selection
  • Not enough variety -- i.e. music downloads, movie downloads, game downloads, etc
  • Not offering 100% Legal Protection
  • Not user-friendly or complicated to search for files to download
  • Was a pay service with too high of a price tag

FileShare is a service that we use regularly. We can find anything we want, they explain exactly how to use the software we need, and they make it easy to do whatever we want to do.

Visit the FileShare Website

They offer movie downloads, gaming downloads, mp3 downloads, and even more...

Best of all is that they actually charge less than $20 for a whole year of access to the mp3 downloads.. and even better is unlimited, lifetime access for less than $35 bucks!

Guess which one we went with! ;)

At any rate, a final note is that we also like the guarantee and legal statements at FileShare. Basically, even if someone ever tried to get you in trouble; you could always point the finger at FileShare and make it their problem --they back up their Legal claims.

So, be safe, be legal, have fun, and get it at the right price... Enjoy!

Visit the FileShare Website




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