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Mortgage Quotes Review

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Mortgage Quotes

Refinance, Home Equity, and New Home Loans!

When you are ready to shop for a loan you have three basic choices -- direct lenders, mortgage brokers, and Mortgage Quotes shops.

  • Direct lenders have money to lend. They make the final decision on your application. Lenders have a limited number of in-house loans available.

  • Brokers are intermediaries who, like you, have many lenders from which to choose. If you have special financing needs and can't find a loan to suit them, an experienced broker may be able to ferret out the financing you need. Mortgage brokers, however, are paid with a slice of the amount you borrow, some more than others.

  • Mortgage Quotes shops are like brokers in that they have many, many more loans and lenders to choose from. The benefit of using a mortgage quotes broker is that the lenders using them know that they really have to compete for your business. So, you tend to get much better mortgage quotes than otherwise.

Along with shopping the source, you'll also have to shop loan costs, including the interest rate, broker fees, points (each point is one percent of the amount you borrow), prepayment penalties, the loan term, application fees, credit report fee, appraisal costs and a host of others.

Not all Mortgage Quotes are Equal

Some mortgage quotes shops make extra cash by selling your email address to spammers. They also may not have access to a wide array of mortgage lenders. So, you the lack of competition and options will typically not yield better deals.

However, we SO thrilled to have found LowerMyBills. They are courteous, professional, helpful, have every major lender under their belt, and delivered excellent competitive bids. We highly recommend LowerMyBills for a great starting point (and most likely last stop) in finding your next home loan. The mortgage quotes you receive from LowerMyBills will pleasantly surprise you! So, visit their today and fill out their simple, short, 1-minute form for your mortgage quotes!


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