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Tired of keeping up with all
of your reciprocal links?

Want to 100% integrate your link exchange pages to match your sites' look and feel?

Arelis Link Manager can help!

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Link Pop Explained

Link Popularity - As most webmasters know or are beginning to find out, link popularity is an essential part of their online marketing campaign. Link Popularity is the value assigned by search engines (specifically started by Google) that helps define your ranking for key terms.

Link Popularity is achieved by having other websites (best if they are related) linking to your site. Many webmasters rely on pay-per-click and other more expensive methods to generate traffic because maintaining a link campaign can be very cumbersome. Adding, checking, removing links and making sure they "fit" in your site can take hundreds of hours!

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A link manager system can lower that figure to just a few minutes per month.

Arelis Link Manager is a fairly powerful program for managing your link campaign. It's better than online link manager systems because you pay a $99 fee and you never have to pay another monthly fee again. However, check out Reciprocal Manager for a much cheaper price.

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Update: Now there's a better solution at a cheaper price! Reciprocal Manager Review


Arelis Link Manager REVIEW

One of the beauties of this program is that you can customize the template pages with you sites' look-and-feel. With a little up-front work, you can make it integrate 100%. This is great because after the templates are customized, it's just a single-click to rebuild all of your pages with new links each time you add or remove them.

It will also check to see if your link partners are still linking to you and can send out warnings to those that have removed your link. Along with a number of other great features, this product is more than worth the cost. We use it daily on our own sites pages.

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Update: Now there's a better solution at a cheaper price! Reciprocal Manager Review

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