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The Best Quotes on Insurance

You want the best quotes; We want you to get them!

mValue has tried and tested the best of the best insurance agencies on the web. Most of these also have "real" stores -known as brick and mortar businesses- where you can go to their location. But, since you're online right now, we'll tall you how to quickly get the best quotes you can find anywhere. Below, you will find reviews of the top programs by type of insurance.

Each company we highlight either provides insurance themselves or compares all rates and gives you the best quote. We have either used their service ourselves or have had a lot of positive feedback from members of our community.

Insurance Reviews

What is eHealthInsurance?

eHealthInsurance is an "aggregator" or insurance policies. Their database contains so many policies that it would make your head spin. But, their service is tailored to you and your needs and presents only the best options at the best rates.

I, personally, found my incredible rate at Kaiser Permanente through eHealthInsurance. I was really confused with all the differences, deductibles, and confusing extras. eHealthInsurance helped compare apples with apples and I got a great deal. We've heard nothing but positive feedback on this company from others who have used their free service!

What is NetQuote?

NetQuote is a website that provides an online insurance quote referral service. I came across this service when I realized that I was paying 20% more for my auto insurance than my friend who used NetQoute and drove the same car I did.

I took the time to submit my request for an insurance quote and was shocked when I learned how much money I could save. Because I have heard of so many horror stories about people signing up to companies that sold their information to spammers and some online insurance scams, I was a bit doubtful that this internet stuff would work.

I also heard tales of people getting higher insurance quotes from some of these referral services than their original service providers. But after talking to my friend I decided that it was worth the try. After all, why should she be the only one enjoying lower monthly insurance payments?

What is is also a provider that helps compare insurance rates, but they specialize in auto insurance quotes. So, they tend to have more offers -and therefore even better rates than other competitors that claim to do what they do. found the best rates for my automobile, and my not so clean driving record was not even a huge factor.

It seems like Insurance companies a little more willing to "bend" when you go through companies like, because they view it as "extra income." They figure you ARE going to choose a company and if they don't get your business, a competitor will. So, they all compete for you!

How Do Online Insurance Quotes Work?

Now being the skeptic I was, I made sure to do my research before I took the final dive. What I found was that the reason I was able to get these lower rates using the service was that instead of being a person shopping for low insurance rates, I became a potential customer to multiple insurance companies competing for my business.

Each of these insurance companies used my supplied information to devise a rate they felt would beat their competitor. NetQuote literally turned the insurance industry from a sellers market to a buyers market. It felt great to have that kind of bargaining power.

What Insurance Quotes Did I Get?

It is common for us to buy only what we need when we think we need it. Even though this is generally a good approach, when it comes to insurance you would be surprised how much money you can save by taking the time to get some other insurance quotes.

After my success with my car insurance, saving an extra $20.00 a month, I decided to take advantage of some of the other services NetQuote and eHealthInsurance had to offer. I submitted quotes for all my other insurance needs:

  • Health Insurance (eHealthInsurance)
  • Homeowners Insurance (NetQuote)
  • Business Insurance (NetQuote)
  • Life Insurance (NetQuote)

*Note: NetQuote also offers Group Health, but I did not need that service

I saved so much that I was able to take out a life insurance policy (using NetQuote), something my wife and I hoped we could do for a long time. You can just imagine my relief. And being the caring father I am, I even decided to see if I could save money on my daughter's renters insurance. At a $60.00 a year savings, it was more that worth it -considering my wife and I are paying it anyway.

The ease of use and professionalism these quality, reputable companies exhibited has earned my trust and loyalty. I hope you find this information helpful and since everyone's needs are different I urge you to try them for yourself.

Happy Quoting!!!

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