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Hypnosis Review

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Hypnosis Review

Learn "How to Hypnotize" ebook!

This ebook will teach you:

  • What hypnosis is and why it works
    Discover the closely guarded secrets that other hypnotists don't want you to know!

  • The dangers of hypnosis
    Hypnosis is very powerful and mistakes can lead to complications. This essential section ensures that you are never a threat to your volunteers!

  • Suggestibility tests
    Find out who will go into hypnosis quickly. An essential skill for any performance, and great fun to perform on friends.

  • How to induce the hypnotic state
    The part they didn't want you to see!! Simple instructions for the absolute beginner. Sales people.... you really will benefit from reading this! ;o)

  • Subliminal Messages
    Commands that go straight to the subconscious mind! Easy to follow concise instructions that reveal the true power of subliminal messages and how you can benefit from them.

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  • Hypnotic induction script
    An actual tried and tested hypnotic script which has been successfully used time and time again to aid hundreds of people into deep hypnotic trance! All you need to do is read it out!! It couldn't be easier!!..and it works!!

  • Script explanation
    Know why and how the script above worked! You also receive instructions on speed of speech and voice tonality, ensuring successful inductions and teaching you how to create you very own powerful hypnotic scripts!

  • Instant hypnosis
    Instant induction methods! Great for Stage work and easier then you think!! This is the stuff you see on the TV shows!!

  • Awakening the subject
    How best to wake your subjects and how to deal with 'problems'

  • Trance phenomena
    Want to know a little more about the mysteries of trance? The powers of the mind await your discovery!

  • Putting on a show
    Practical help and advice to make sure your shows are a success!

  • Making Money from Hypnotization
    Its great fun performing for your friends and colleagues, its great fun and GREAT PROFIT with when you go public. Stage hypnotists charge in excess of $1000 a show!!! ... here's everything you need to join them!

  • Hypnotic routines
    Some hilarious suggestions to get you started, and believe me they'll have your audiences begging for more!

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We haven't yet had time to review this ebook, but we can't wait until we get to this one! Feel free to wait for our review, but the author offers a full 60-day money back guarantee -which is backed by the merchant (we have only positive experiences with this merchant)
...so, feel free to give it a go today!

Since this is an instant download, you will truly have 60 days to see what you can do... if you can't get it to work for any reason; then you can definately get your money back.

When you buy through "ClickBank" (the merchant) and then request a refund, the refund request goes above-and-beyond the vendor... the merchant will issue the refund directly! So, no hassle.

Good luck, be responsible, and have FUN! ;)

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