Home Loan Benefits and Drawbacks



Benefits and Drawbacks

There are benefits and drawbacks with every loan. What separates home equity loans from other non-secured, or credit card loans, are the tax and interest savings. Because the loan is secured by the equity in your home it presents a lower risk to the lender.

This reduced risk allows lenders to offer a lower interest rate than a non-secured loan. Also the first $100,000 in interest on the borrowed amount is tax deductible. This means the amount paid in interest is deducted from the borrower's taxable income.

These great benefits do not come without drawbacks. The biggest risk involved in a home equity loan is the risk of losing your home. If you are unable to payback your outstanding debt to the lender, your home can be liquidated in order for the lender to collect payment.

The amount of equity in your home represents the percentage you own. One way to avert loosing your home is not to borrow more than you can afford to pay back. That is one of the reasons it is important to find a lender who will prepare a loan solution that is suits your financial needs.

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