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Gov't Car Auctions Review

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Government Car Auctions

"Cheap Car Finder" Review

We were skeptical of all the hype surrounding government car auctions, real estate auctions, etc.

However, one day about 3 years ago, we signed up for a real estate listing of governement seized and repossessed houses. To our surprise, their were numerous houses available in so many local, nearby areas. There were some great deals among those listings, and we managed to turn-around properties for some quick profits.

There is a lot more competition in this arena than back then, but there are still some treasures to be found --simply because the government and various auction houses are constantly acquiring new cars, boats, real estate, etc.

The best service we have found to-date (which we use) is Cheap Car Finder. They are a great source for car auctions, repossessed homes for sale, and general repossessed property auctions (i.e. boat auctions, truck auctions, jewelry auctions, etc!).

There are several services competing for this business, but CheapCarFinder excels by far. They have a great service, excellent support, and they offer an all-in-one package.

Even though they started out with just repossessed car auctions, they now throw in access to seized real estate auctions, seized property auctions, seized boat auctions, and much more!

It's a great time to get in on this opportunity --especially with easy access and great support! Many services still charge the hundreds of dollars we paid, but a full year of access to Cheap Car Finder is an incredible bargain and only a small drop in the bucket. Enjoy!


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Our History

We only focused on seized real estate auctions initially, so we never got in to repossessed car auctions; but we had a few acquaintances that we got hooked on it. They made out very well in a short period of time with a small investment.

It did, however, take a good bit of time to do walkthroughs and look-overs to make sure everything was in good shape.

Nowadays, things are much more streamlined. There are even appraisal services that will go check out cars, homes, property, etc for you! Best of all for the newbies in this market is that Cheap Car Finder provides you with all the information you need AND gives your helpful tips on getting starting and managing your portfolio and leads.

I, personally, even found a great deal on my dream car --an Acura NSX ;)


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