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Global Test Market Review

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Global Test Market

by: Richard Hamill

I have been a member of Global Test Market for quite some time now. From my experience I have learned quite a lot. Firstly, surveys can be great fun. Secondly, it is possible to get a steady stream of surveys not just once a month.

Global Test Market is one of the biggest survey companies in the world - But is it the best? I will start by talking about the actual surveys themselves. The surveys come in many different shapes and sizes and cover a wide variety of topics. Some are short and some are long.

Some have videos and some have pictures. But what's most important is that they are fun and very rewarding. I have personally found this to be the case but some of them have certain issues that can frustrate the participant. Some of these issues include videos not playing correctly and surveys ending very quickly. Despite these various problems the good points outweigh the bad.

The surveys are usually very interesting and quite unexpectedly different. The extra features like video and sound clips really make it an enjoyable experience. The surveys are released quite often - you can have as many as three to do in one day if you are lucky. As previously stated, some of the surveys have a tendency to close very quickly - sometimes within an hour and this can be very irritating.

Overall I feel Global Test Market treats its members fairly and the rewards are mainly good. It's not perfect but it's one of the best in my opinion.

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