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by: Gloria Pierce Montoya

If you are 13 years of age and over with a valid e-mail address, then you are just a click away from a fun and prosperous opportunity, but this is not a get rich quickie deal.

Focusline is an online consumer research group committed to finding out what consumers think and feel about the companies they frequent using web-based surveys. This process of gathering consumer opinions and suggestions will ultimately help companies provide excellent service to their consumers.

The earning potential is $25-$45 for all paid surveys including one on one interviews and focus groups which are completely web-based. But the pre-qualifying short surveys are non-paid, and the questions in this survey type are to determine whether or not you meet the specific demographics. If you feel that you should have been notified for particular surveys because the pre-qualifying questions seemed to fit you perfectly, don't abandon ship and give up.

Trust me, I have been there myself feeling like I was going to qualify, then I don't, but I learned that there is a method to taking pre-qualifying surveys such as paying attention to every question because the questions follow a certain pattern to where if you are acutely aware of this pattern, then you can figure out what it is exactly the survey wants, but you must at the same time maintain a level of honesty at all times in order for the actual survey to be accurate.

In other words, no cheating. Your payday will be knocking at your door much sooner than you will believe, and it will keep on knocking.

I joined very recently and I have found them to be very precise in the information that they give to their new members. I feel that they fall into the category of being a trustworthy service, but please be careful as you should always be with any venture you choose.

There is a lot of rich information on the "offers" site, but I have not investigated any particular service at this time. There is another goodie from this site, you can also, and I did accept the opportunity to join the double opt-in E-mail Offers Notification List where you will find more great money making offers.

Focusline promises to keep your information totally private, and they will never sell or share your information with anyone.


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