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Finding Link Partners

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Easily Find High PR Link Partners!

PR Prowler is an indespensible resource for any Internet Marketer!

Finding Link Partners has never been easier!

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A Little History on Finding Link Partners
Anyone that's been researching Google Pagerank and increasing PR knows that Link Popularity is a key element. This is no secret, but how do you acquire valuable link partners? It isn't easy and it's very tedious.

If you have a budget, the best approach is to find a tool that can offload the burden!

The best, low-cost, easy-to-use tool we've found is PR Prowler.

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PR Prowler Review

We will definately be integrating the use of PR Prowler into our Link Popularity strategy when we get it kicked off for this site and a few other sites of ours!

Up until now, we've always been reluctant to start our link campaigns because it just takes so long to find link partners and communicate with them. However, now that we've found PR Prowler; we're excited to know that 50% of the tough, tedious work will be eliminated!

This tool did it's job very well, and it returned a TON of great results.

Take a look at the benefits below:

  • We like the fact that is does NOT return contact information (doesn't harvest emails). This cuts down on the temptation to SPAM. You have to visit the page to get information, and then you can write a unique email to them. This is best for the newbie marketer that might not know better than to not mass-mail yet.

  • The results returned are going to be filled with many sites that won't link to you (at least not for free), but it never hurts to ask and you will find some lessor-known sites with high PR that probably would link to you. This is especially useful if you input URLs of relevant pages with link pages in them. Excellent. Check out our 'Hot Tip' below...

  • The CSV file (with URL and PR) can easily be imported in to Excel or other analysis tool.

PR Prowler has now covered every one of our suggestions and improvements! This is THE most powerful pagerank tool -for finding link partners- available! The most notable enhancements are:

Version 2 Enhancements:

1. No proxy settings required. Fire up and Go! Simple.
2. Now does not require IE changes, so no chance of misconfiguration.
3. Prowler searching now runs in background, and has a status indicator (cleaner look)

Version 2 New Features:

Outbound Links - shows outbound links on target page. Judge amount of "dilution" for each link

Backlinks - shows backlinks for a given site! Judge power of the target page PR and get an idea of how "stable" the target pages' PR will be over time

PR Boost - takes all of the above into account and calcultes the estimated transfer of PR your page will receive from a link on their page! This is an invaluable feature!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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Hot Tip: Find relevant sites (even competitors' sites) that have "Links" pages on them. These pages contain tons of websites that you KNOW want to trade links with other sites. Try to weed out the ones that are not related and just go for the ones that will provide "relevancy."


Visit the PR Prowler Website Now

PR Prowler is the Key to Finding Link Partners

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