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DollarFrog has a lot to offer through their many partnerships with companies in many different categories of the "get paid to" arena. Some of their offerings include:

  • Get paid surveys,

  • Get paid to shop,

  • Get paid to read email,

  • Get paid to surf the web,

  • Get paid to eat out at restaurants,

  • etc

You can choose to do either the paid surveys or everything else (i.e. paid surveys is one service, but paid to shop, eat, read, surf is a separate database). Either service is just under $30 -which is perfect for those on a super-tight budget that cannot swing the extra few dollars for SurveyScout's or PaidSurveysOnline's $34.95 fee.

With DollarFrog, you can pay by: Credit Card only.

We aren't particularly thrilled with DollarFrog, though. This is because most other paid survey companies also now include a paid-to-shop database. So, you would get both for just one low price. Also, we have found from some of our visitors, that almost everyone that signed up for DollarFrog (that we know of) has requested a refund.

Update: DollarFrog also has very little traffic to their website these days, so it is unlikely they will spend much time keeping their offers updated.

If you would still like to check out DollarFrog, Click Here.

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