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Desktop Marketing

Email Marketing ...evolving into Desktop Marketing?

As Internet Marketers, we have to stay on the cutting edge. Sometimes that means jumping on the bandwagon of new technologies that haven't yet proven themselves. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting pretty as a result, and sometimes we've wasted our money.

But, with desktop marketing... the trend is clear. With spam becoming an ever-growing problem, the ISPs are going overboard implementing spam filtering that is becoming less and less effective while at the same time deleting relevant emails and newsletters.

If you've been marketing on the Internet for any notable time period, I'm sure you've felt the effects. It is very frustrating for those of us running legitimate businesses because the ISPs are slowly killing ALL business on the Internet.

The answer will be a more direct-to-consumer approach that becomes widely accepted. The most promising of the early attempts is Desktop Marketer Pro by none other than Cory Rudl --a world reknowned mega-millionaire marketer.

Check out our review below to see how the Desktop Marketer is working out for us.

Visit the Desktop Marketer Pro Website (skip review) *coming soon


Desktop Marketer Pro Review

We are currently evaluating Desktop Marketer Pro and will update this page soon with our results.

Visit the Desktop Marketer Pro Website *coming soon




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