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Student Loans Debt

Having a looming student loan hanging over your head can be a real downer --especially when having trouble finding a good job.

Having multiple student loans is even worse. However, there is help! Now, there are services out there that can help consolidate, lower your interest rate, and/or lower your payments with underwriting that is specially geared to accept student loan type of debt.

The most popular and widely recommended services currently available are: "Student Loan Solutions" and "NextStudent."

Both forms are not too long and they both have a fairly high acceptance rate.

The first company we list below is "Next Student", and they will not accept:

  • Less than $30,000 in student loans,
  • Student loans in default, or
  • More than six months left in school

Visit NextStudent to learn more and apply for free

Fixed Rate Consolidation

The second company you may choose from is "Student Loan Solutions", and they are a little more lenient:

Visit Student Loan Solutions to learn more and apply for free

Student Loan Consolidation


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