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CBPlugin Review

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CBPlugin Review

Want to Earn Extra Money from your Sites?

If you have an existing website and want to earn extra sales from clickbank affiliate program sales, take a look at CBPlugin. No matter what your niche market or site caters to, there is almost guaranteed to be an affiliate program that fits.

For instance, if you have a health website; think of how many visitors would be inclined to buy an ebook on health or join a program to help lose weight. You don't even have to have your own product, and you will be able to earn money!

The problem with keeping up with what products to promote is that some products come-and-go, some products don't sell well, and there is time involved in setting up or changing out the product you're recommending. CBPlugin goes a long way to helping webmasters earn more on their sites --with VERY little work.

You only copy/paste a single line of code into your site wherever you want it displayed. You do this once and leave it. New clickbank affiliate products will automatically be shown and you never have to touch it again -unless you want to update your site!

If you would rather not maintain your own websites and would like to automate clickbank affiliate sales by driving traffic to your co-branded store; then check out our review of CBMall.

ClickBank Overview

For those of you not familiar with ClickBank:

Clickbank is basically a way for companies to sell their products and instantly have access to affiliate marketers. Each company pays a percentage of their income for any referrals sent to them. It is a great way to get the word out for companies, and it is an EXCELLENT way for affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting other people's products!

Check out our review below to see how the CBPlugin is working out for us.

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CBPlugin Review

We purchased CBPlugin to start making extra cash from some of our domains that weren't producing very well. We have a LOT of domains, and many of them just don't do well with Google Adsense (because the ads are not targeted) and are not worth (to us) the time to set up individual affiliate programs on all of the sites.

So, we decided to see if CBPlugin would help us automate our affiliate program sales on these websites. It wasn't the perfect solution, but for now, it IS the BEST solution for what we wanted.

CBPlugin's Intended Use: This plugin is intended to be used to display one category or one affiliate product on a page. The visitor will be presented with one item or several categories of items. It meets this need very well, and it is extremely simple to use --only one, single line of code!

Our Intended Use: We wanted to make more of a "portal" page by including several categories on a single page. This semi-worked. We were able to fit four (4) categories on the page without it looking too odd. The problem lies in the way the system has to be set up.

When a visitor clicks on a link, the resulting set of affiliate programs to be offered to the visitor are done in a small "iframe" window that exists in the page. An "iframe" takes up the amount of space on the page -even when nothing is being displayed (no one clicked any link yet). So, our desired effect of wanting to place several categories closely-packed on a page won't work 100% -as we hoped.

Major CBPlugin Benefit: The unique quality of this service is that it -unlike any competing products- can be placed within your websites. In other words, you can have these affiliate programs offered to your visitors on your sites. Competing services require you to send traffic to their site -which is co-branded with your affiliate programs.

Some people actually want the latter type of service because having the co-branded site means you do not have to set up anything, maintain a site, or pay for hosting. You do nothing more than drive traffic and wait for sales.

If this is something you're interested in, check out our review of CBMall.

Automated Clickbank Affiliate Sales Conclusion

All-in-all, CBPlugin is excellent for those with their own sites. This is a very powerful program that has a very high value with numerous benefits and features. It is highly recommended by us -if it fits your needs. If not, then CBMall might be a better fit. Either of these two programs can help you get started instantly making money from affiliate programs!

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