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CBMall Passive Income Review

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CBMall Review

Want 100% Passive Income?

Are you looking for that perfect program that requires no website, no maintenance, no hosting fees, no major investment, sells itself, and makes millions for you while you're at the beach? Well, you had better keep looking because that doesn't exist! But CBMall comes very close to making that dream a real, true reality!

CBMall is based on this dream concept and is just about as close as you can possibly get to a fully automated, no maintenance, 24/7 money-making machine.

Benefits of CBMall:

  • No Website Required
  • No Web Hosting Fees (they host your co-branded site)
  • This high-value system is very low-cost!
  • No maintenance (other than cashing checks)
  • They even give you 1-2 months of FREE, targeted traffic!

The only thing you do with this proven, money-making system is drive traffic. You can buy traffic in pay-per-click engines, by publishing newsletters that send visitors to your new clickbank mall, or a host of other targeted traffic methods (like using a FREE TrafficSwarm account).

If you already have your own websites and would like to automate clickbank affiliate sales by driving traffic to your own sites; then you should check out our review of CBPlugin.

ClickBank Overview

For those of you not familiar with ClickBank:

Clickbank is basically a way for companies to sell their products and instantly have access to affiliate marketers. Each company pays a percentage of their income for any referrals sent to them. It is a great way to get the word out for companies, and it is an EXCELLENT way for affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting other people's products!

Check out our review of CBMall below.

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CBMall Review

For this review, we purchased and set up a CBMall account. We should mention that you also get this great ebook on how to market and drive traffic to your CBMall! If you are new to Online Marketing, this ebook alone is worth the initial fee.

CBMall is designed to offer the most relevant (highest paying and highest converting) products to your store's visitors. Their system works very well to convert traffic, and it made us a few sales in a short amount of time.

The 2 months of FREE traffic they gave us paid for the nominal startup costs, and then we spent a little bit more in the Pay-per-click Search Engines and using other tactics explained in the FREE ebook bonus.

Our results -as we anticipated- were excellent. This isn't the perfect solution because you'll always have to work on driving traffic (or buying traffic) to your store, but it is as close as is humanly possible. ;D

We highly recommend CBMall for anyone wanting a full automated source of income and doesn't want to bother with their own product or maintaining a web site (and paying hosting fees). This is an amazing offer that truly delivers. You do nothing more than drive traffic and wait for sales.

If you'd rather drive traffic to your own sites and still make money from affiliate programs, then check out our review of CBPlugin.

Automated Clickbank Affiliate Sales Conclusion

All-in-all, CBMall is excellent for those that do not want their own sites. This is a very powerful system that has a very high value with numerous benefits and features. It is highly recommended by us -if it fits your needs. If not, then CBPlugin might be a better fit. Either of these two programs can help you get started instantly making money from affiliate programs!

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