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by Duane Roumel
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There is a saying that education is the backbone of civilization. That might not be 100% true, but it does play a key role in society. When most people think of education, they think of a institution designed to teach people certain basic truths that allow you to function in society. This type of education is very important but it is not the only kind.

Everyday of a person's life contributes to their education. It can be said that you learn something new everyday because you are always experiencing new things. Having a career in education, can be rewarding becuase you know that you are responsible for helping another individual to experience something new. If working with and assisting others is something you enjoy, then education is definitely a good career choice.

Education Degrees
There are many degrees available in the education career field. You should choose your degree based on the role you want to play in the education system. This is one of the few careers that absolutely require a degree so unfortunately making it on mere wit is not an option. You need to determine the type of environment you see yourself working in.

Your options are working with children, adults, special needs individuals, research, or you can take on more of an administrative role developing curriculum. Some people are reluctant to get education degrees because they are concerned that it will restrict their ability to move into another career. This is not the case. Much of the curriculum involved in the acquiring of your degree teach skills that can be used in many positions in business. Also keep in mind that your degree is not used to measure your knowledge but to show your ability to complete a major undertaking.

Starting your Education Career
There is a surplus of education jobs and one them can be yours. The best way to get started with your education career is to get a job in the school system. You can apply for teachers assistant jobs at public and private schools. You can also start off in a clerical position in the administration office. These types of jobs will help you to prepare for your future career and your pursuit of a degree in education is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Keep a clean record
It would be horrible to go through your degree curriculum only to be denied a job because of a silly mistake in your past. The fact is, the Education system is government regulated and certain requirements in regards to criminal backgrounds play a strong part in the hiring process.

Get in good with your teachers. Remember, the degree you are trying to earn is coming from the career field you are trying to penetrate. Your teachers will be able to give you insight based on their personal experiences. Also your teachers can recommend you for job openings and other potentially beneficial scenarios.

Time is of the essence - Earn your degree quickly to get jump on your career
Getting a head start in your career is crucial. The sooner you complete your college education and earn your degree, the sooner you will be able to move forward with your career goals. Many new programs are available with this in mind. There are accelerated college courses that allow you to earn your degree in half the time of a standard four year college have day and night classes to fit in your schedule.

There are also online curriculums that allow you earn your degree from home while you build your real world experience in the work force. This method is perfect if you plan to build on your communication and business skills while earning your degree.

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Below are some of the degrees that you can earn that might apply to your business career.


  • Administration
  • Adult Education
  • Curriculum
  • e-learning
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Curriculum
  • General Education
  • Leadership
  • Library
  • Research
  • Secondary Curriculum
  • Special Education
  • Teacher Education
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