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by Duane Roumel
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A career in business is not as straight forward as most would like to think. There are so many career choices in this category that you can almost definately find a job that suites you.

  • If you are good at crunching numbers and like the satisfaction of making a profit, accounting might be the way to go.
  • If you like the thrill of closing a sale, you might want to consider a job in marketing.
  • If you like working with people and helping them solve their problems and putting a smile on their faces, you can work in customer service.

There are many options but a major part of being successfull in business is diversity. You should consider specific skill in business as the stepping stone to your career and not your career itself. Starting out as an accountant or marketer, is usually one of the many jobs you will have the benefit of learing in your tenure, if your have a successful career.

Being assertive and getting involved in the workings of other departments is a great way to excel in your business career. If you feel that you have the ability to adapt to change, and you don't mind the hassle of maintaining a professional look and attitude, a career in business is a good choice.

Business Degrees
There is a false understanding that a degree in business is the only way to be a successful business person. There are many people who entered their careers as an entry level employee with no degree or formal training. Some of these individuals go on to hold very high and well paid positions in the business world. There are also very successful people who go on to start their own businesses without a college degree. This is an option, but it is not recommended for everyone.

Starting your career without a business degree can drastically affect your career growth. Most positions in business require degrees, not because the degree guarantees that the person has the necessary skills to perform the job, but because there is a stigma in the business world.

Being realistic, a degree does not measure a persons qualifications, it just represents a persons ability to complete a major undertaking. It can be looked at as a right of passage or form of haizing.This is the reason why some people who have technical degrees end up in business and vice versa.

Getting a business degree is recommended for most people because it gives you headstart. Instead of starting at the bottom of the business ladder you might start a step or two higher depending on your abilities and communication skills. These factors are usually revealed in the interviewing process and on your resume.

Don't be fooled that a degree will guarantee you a good job, you should be sure to practice your communication skills and build your resume with work experience. Be proactive and build a solid package including your experience, degree, and communication skills.

Which business degree should you choose?
You should pick a subject that you are weakest at. If are naturally good at sales you might need to build on your math skills by taking up accounting instead. The reason behind this, is that it gives you more flexibility in the work force. A financial background is a good foundation in business. It prepares you to fulfill the purpose of all business, making money.

If you are natural in math, but can not sell you might want to concider marketing becuause you have to be able to sell yourself in the business world. If you are saying to yourself, "I can't sell, and I suck at math," don't give up. Most degree programs touch on aspects of each area. The best thing to do is make the best of your education and use your real world experiences to build on your weaknesses.

If you are saying "hey I still don't know waht degree to get" it is simple, go with the most challenging curriculum for you. This allows you to maximize your results and better prepare for future real world challenges. This method also makes it easier to pursue other less difficult degrees while you are in the process of building your career.

Remember you can always go back for more. There are masters and doctorate degrees available to give you an extra boost if you need it. Or you can just focus on using your real world experiences to get to the level you want. Take a look below at some of your degree options. Also contact a college to find out more about the curriculums and what you will be learning.

Starting your Business Career
Age doesn't matter when it comes to your career. You could be fresh out of highschool or a veteran of the work force. When you decide to get your career started you need to plan your steps thoroughly. Remember that a degree alone will not guarantee you a good job. You need to build your work experience and communication skills as early as possible.

It is best to build these skills either before or during your education process. The reason behind this is, becuase you can apply some of the skills you learn from you college curriculum and learn the skills that are not taught in school. A good example of this is your communcation skills. This is not something that can be tought necessarily. A person has to conciously make an effort to learn how to get their points accross effectively through trial and error.

Without communication skills it becomes difficult to channel your knowledge effectively and deliver good results. This problem greatly ristricts your career growth. This ability greatly impacts your ability to conduct a good interview or deliver a good presentation and compose a good resume. So if you don't already posses good communication skills your curriculum should be based around that factor.

The interviewing process of a job is what separates you from everyone else in the work force. You have the opportunity to show your ability to communicate by giving your interviewer a good look at who you are. If you succeed in delivering an accurate overview of you capabilities and personality there is a very strong possibility that you will be considered for the position you applied for.

Building a good resume' is another vital part of your career. Most people believe that job hoping can hurt your chances of getting a good job but it really depends on the reason behind it. If you are in building your resume while completing your college courses, changing jobs frequently is a good way to determine what you like to do and to learn the different aspects of the work force.

If you maintain a good relationship with your former employers and state your reasons for the frequent job changes on your resume', most companies will be willing to hear more about your experiences and how you can apply them to the job. Again the key to your success is your ability to communicate. No person or company can know what you are cabable of unless you are able to express it clearly.

Time is of the essence - Earn your degree quickly to get jump on your career
Getting a head start in your career is crucial. The sooner you complete your college education and earn your degree, the sooner you will be able to move forward with your career goals. Many new programs are available with this in mind. There are accelerated college courses that allow you to earn your degree in half the time of a standard four year college. Some institutions provide day and night classes to fit in your schedule.

There are also online curriculums that allow you earn your degree from home while you build your real world experience in the work force. This method is perfect if you plan to build on your communication and business skills while earning your degree.

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Below are some of the degrees that you can earn that might apply to your business career.


  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • e-business
  • Executive Administration
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • International Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • MBA
  • Project Management
  • Visual Communications
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