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Paid Surveys

The new online paid survey boom isn't really all that new, but more and more people are finding out about this work from home opportunity to get paid for your opinion as companies are trying to corner the market on providing the resources to easily get paid for online surveys.

Are they for real? Can I really make $150/hour? What's the deal??

Well, yes and no.

You have to know which programs pay and which are scams.

To view our verified, "safe list" of surveys; please visit our Free Paid Surveys page.

Here's an example, highly recommended survey site:

Join arcSurvey Today! is THE fatest growing survey firm online. arcSurvey is run by the same honest webmasters that operate the most popular GPT Forum ( and the only honest survey review site ( on the Internet! Start earning today! (Join Now)

If you don't have time to scour the web for survey opportunities, we have a short list of paying survey companies that we use. That list is here.


mValue is the best source of honest, credible information on how to get paid doing surveys. We do not hype the programs, and we make sure to tell it like it is. Other sites simply promote the programs that pay them a commission, but we only promote programs that we know pay!

The gist is that there are numerous paid survey companies that will pay you just for your time and opinions. It is also true that you can make good money per survey or win great prizes. Completing several paid surveys per hour can yield a good bit of revenue (approaching $100-$150/hour).

So, what's the catch?

The trick is to sign up with a paid surveys company that finds companies, tests programs, and keeps an up-to-date database of quality marketing firms. Your best bet is a respected company like SurveyScout or PaidSurveys -who's database is available for a one-time fee of only $34.95.

Please Note: SurveyScout and PaidSurveys do NOT send paid surveys. They provide a large database of quality firms (to get you started) you can contact to receive paid surveys for free.

Similar to paid surveys, you can even get paid to shop and eat as a mystery shopper (review).

We didn't make very much at first, but after about the 2-month mark; we started receiving requests for "higher-end" surveys and phone consultations. Before, we had only earned a gift card or two; but now we get a few bucks here and there for taking a 10-minute survey.

We also just recently won a $100 drawing, so it adds up, and it's easy. ;)

You typically will not receive enough surveys for a full days work. You can make good money for a 10-minute survey, but you won't have enough surveys in a day to make a $1,000/day. Also note that those living in the US will have more opportunities with focus groups, tele-surveys, etc.

So, just be realistic in your goals and don't expect to get rich quick. Online surveys isn't a get rich quick scheme, but you can do well to earn extra spending cash (prizes and gift cards too), if you sign up with several of the quality research firms. Surveys are still well worth your time.

Also, it would take forever to search for and weed out the companies paying for surveys on the Internet. Moreover, there are a lot of "paid survey" companies that would just take your email and sell it. Then you get SPAMMED like crazy and get nothing for it!

In this industry of getting paid to take surveys, we would have to say that "The Ugly" is definately when a survey firm turns out to be a scam or doesn't pay.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of non-paying or scam survey sites out there. That is why we have gone to great lengths by joining more than 600 of these companies to discover which ones are legit and which ones are not. We hope you enjoy the time we've spent to bring you the truth.

For FREE advice on being successful with paid surveys (i.e. avoiding spam, fee services, etc), please visit our Paid Surveys Advice page.

Rewarded surveys are definately worth a look. We highlight SurveySavvy, Vanderbilt Univ, etc. Visit our Free Paid Surveys page to sign up with these programs at no cost whatsoever!

Good luck and we hope you work at home and enjoy these FUN Surveys!!

Quote of the Month: "Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"

   - John Barrymore

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